Wednesday, October 21, 2015

King Arthur Flour Adventure Part 4

Had to stop at the Woodstock Farmers' Market. All of the markets around here are packed with wonderful things.

So, seriously, friends, the dream just keeps getting better. To the point that I thought I needed to ask someone to pinch me today. I mean, sure, I completely spaced out in class today and forgot to add the yeast and salt to a recipe that only had five ingredients (can't blame that one on photographer Julia today), but I had an amazing sit-down with three of the employee owners at King Arthur that I'm hesitant to even mention because I'm fearful it won't materialize. In order to highlight their Bake for Good campaign, which is the route through which I got my baking class scholarship, they've asked me...oh my goodness, I might not want to say it out write a guest post for their blog! There, I said it. And I may delete it too. Really, this is all too good to be true. Once again, I am humbled and thankful, and filled with awe.

Okay, about the rest of my day. Well, after my dream meeting where we discussed everything from life in Vermont to the extreme food competition at the Iowa State Fair, we made breads with whole grains in our Baking Education Center class. I learned a lot about how thirsty whole grains get, and that loaves exploding and bulging in the oven isn't considered a terrible thing by all bakers. I also learned that I am human, and as fancy as I think I am with my baking skills, as I mentioned earlier, I had a huge fail today by leaving out the yeast and the salt in one of today's two recipes. I've asked my baking neighbor buddy April to keep an eye on me tomorrow. She graciously agreed, and even checked in on me to make sure I added the pinch of yeast to my poolish for tomorrow's French batard. (Thank you, April.)

After class, I drove out to Bridgewater to check out Long Trail brewery to pick up some brew for my loving husband. What a gorgeous drive. I also got to stop at the Woodstock Farmers' Market and a cute little store called Scotland by the Yard: Importers of Fine Celtic Products. And they did have a lot of fine Celtic products--kilts, sweaters, hats, scarves, ties, plaid fabric, and much, much more.

Then, I just came back to my cozy room at the Norwich Inn. This might sound pathetic to most people (it did to my husband), but the parking lot fills up here due to the popularity of the Inn's restaurant, and I didn't want to have to come back from eating out (alone) to have no place to park. Sooo... I took a trip to the other end of the parking lot, to Dan and Whit's and bought some deli roast beef (perfect) to put on some yummy multi-grain rolls that I got from one of my classmate's successful batches today. 

Now I'm here. Blogging. Finishing up my fabulous Dan and Whit's dinner, with a view of my rental car parked right in front of my room.

After my morning "workout" I cooled down with a walk around Norwich. These are a couple of war memorials.
First Public Grammar School in Norwich
King Arthur Flour--sharing the love--demonstrating that people matter.
So many yummy treats handmade right here in the King Arthur Flour bakery.
This is the first time I actually ate at the KAF Cafe/Bakery: Kale and Onion Quiche (yummy), a croissant, and a ciabatta roll for later. Really. I ate it later.
Aime, myself, Julia, and Carey--such fun ladies.
Making baguettes in the production bakery
Sweet Becca was our assistant instructor yesterday. Today she gets to make chocolate croissants. Lucky girl.
I love how the KAF Education Center staff preps our work stations. Such luxury.
Another awesome instructor today: Amber explained a lot and was so patient with all of us.

This batch of dough did turn out properly. In the back: whole wheat cinnamon raisin swirl bread. In the foreground: whole wheat 3 strand braided loaf.

And my fail. These dense bready things have no yeast or salt in them. Sigh.
This is how the above rolls were supposed to turn out. This is one of instructor Amber's rolls.
I enjoyed a scrumptious florentine cookie this afternoon during our break (I also had that ciabatta roll from breakfast).
Baking buddy Diane's bounty from today's baking. Nice work, Diane!
Woodstock Farmers' Market
The chocolate corner at Woodstock Farmers' Market. They have Lake Champlain chocolate here. I resisted. Until I went to Dan and Whit's later, that is...
A variety of potatoes at Woodstock Farmers' Market
Pastries and such at Woodstock Farmers' Market. Just looking.

Notice the signage: "Men's Casual Kilts." Where are the formal kilts kept?
Really, a delicious dinner. I'm not that hard to please.
Made from whole milk, this yogurt is something special. So creamy, just the right amount of sweetness. If you're ever in Vermont, you must try it.

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