Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Best Mexican Restaurant in Des Moines...? clip

Well, today my lovely sister-in-law told me that there is this "list" that just came out that she HAD to share with me. This list was assembled by the folks at a local Des Moines publication called City View. This list is "Best of Des Moines: Eats." Sister-in-law Kelly, being the awesome story teller that she is, built up gradually, and teasingly, to the punchline that totally caught me off guard. The best Mexican food in Des Moines, Iowa is... Tasty Tacos Mexican Restaurant! Now, I'll admit that I, myself, have never actually eaten there. Every native Iowan I've met who's never traveled beyond Nebraska has raved about Tasty Tacos. And every person I've talked to who has eaten both authentic Mexican food AND Tasty Tacos, has said that it's the worst excuse for Mexican food they've ever eaten. One of my Mexican students even nicknamed it "Nasty Tacos."
Now, here is my point: as I've stated in my Chile Colorado Burritos post, evert time I eat a chile colorado burrito that I've made, I exclaim, "This the BEST Mexican food in Iowa!" I'm actually astounded that City View is actually supporting my point! Anyone who knows anything about authentic Mexican food knows that the pickings are slim when it comes to delicious Mexican food in Des Moines. The fact that City View has selected Tasty Tacos just validates my previous declarations. Sigh. This victory is still not sweet, though.
Guess I'll have to keep making my own delicious Mexican food in my own home (and I'll have to go try Tasty Tacos for myself--I know).
Click on the captions to be taken to the recipes for the food pictured below.

Chile Colorado Burritos
Carne Asada
Yummy Mexican Grilled Chicken
Chicken Tinga
Taquitos & Flautas
Mexican Rice
Salsa Verde
Homemade Tortilla Chips

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