I don't actually get asked a lot of questions about cooking and blogging, but I do get some common comments. I've turned some of the most common comments I get from people into questions and answered them here for anyone curious enough to click on my FAQ tab.

Why don't you weigh 500 pounds?

Now, this question was formerly "Why don't you weigh 300 pounds?" and I'm wondering if I'm getting dangerously close to that number, and that's why people have upped the number to 500. But seriously, although I'm not skinny, I feel like I look okay when clothed.
The answer is that I don't eat all of what I make. I use the freezer for cookie dough balls, and I try to just make decadent desserts for occasions where there will be lots of people partaking. I also will send things to work with my husband or put them on the table in the teacher's lounge at my work.
I'm a freshness FREAK. If cookies don't get eaten within like two days, they get tossed. I know it's wasteful, but if they are past their prime, they're not even fit to be placed on the teachers' lounge table.

How do you have TIME to cook and blog like this?

Fact is that I don't have time. If you came over to my house you'd see the constant state of disarray and hear my kids asking, "Mom, where are all of my underwear?" Yin and yang. Something's got to give, and it's usually the mundane tasks of my household. At least my family is well fed.

Why don't you SELL this stuff and make lots of money?

If you know me at all, you'll know that money is not a big motivator for me in life. I bake and cook because I love food and I love to feed people. Once I start doing it for money, I expect it won't be as much fun.

Does your family appreciate all of the yummy things you make?

Well, yes, and no. I have one picky kid who only appreciates a couple of the yummy things I make. His favorites are no one else's. He's a unique kid.
My other kid loves my cooking, and he is my eating buddy, but I don't think he really understands how good he's got it.
My husband truly appreciates me and my cooking, and he's diligent about articulating it in meaningful ways. 

Why don't you write a cookbook?
Well, right now my main reason for not attempting this feat that so many other food bloggers are achieving, is that I'm not convinced I have anything truly unique to offer in terms of a cookbook. I mean, I give it away for free here on my blog. Who would really want to purchase a book with recipes that they can find online? Barnes & Noble and The Half Price Book Store are choc full of cookbooks that are on clearance.
I like being helpful, and I have found this a very satisfying way to help people. I don't know who would be helped by me writing/publishing a cookbook.


  1. I love your cooking and I hope I articulate that in meaningful ways :) You are that glimmer of hope people have when they are coming to either of our parties.
    I do have one question, "Why do you want everyone around you to be fat?"

    1. Oh, Kelly D. You know the answer to that. If everyone around me is fat, then I look skinny. ;)


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