Thursday, July 11, 2013

Chewy Chinese Peanut Sesame Candy Take 2

Chewy Chinese Peanut Sesame Candy Take 2
Actually, this is Chewy Chinese Peanut Sesame Candy Take 3 4. I'm just going to tell you about the worst batch because you would not want to replicate what I did. To see why I'm in the midst of making this candy, see my Chewy Chinese Peanut Sesame Candy post which is is right under this one. that I think of it, this is my fourth batch of this candy. The second batch got thrown out. The third batch (the terrible one) I cooked too long. It stuck to the eater's teeth like a thick glue. My dad ate a bunch of it anyway, and when I came home from Knott's Berry Farm with my kids last night, my mom showed me a cup she'd set aside. It contained this row of three crowns from my dad's mouth. Yeah. The candy apparently was really quite dangerous to dental work. Yikes!
Believe it or not, when the dentist's office heard what it was that caused the damage they were repairing, they thought it sounded so good, they wanted some. So my dad took in a bunch of that nasty candy when he went in for the work. Ugh. I threw out the three remaining pieces and then set about to make another safe batch.
This fourth batch, although it needs more sesame seeds, is as close to perfect as I think I'm going to get. It's soft, chewy, amber-colored, peanutty and really yummy. My mom told my dad he has to wait until tomorrow to try it, but I'm pretty sure he'll give it a go on his good teeth within the next hour.
Good times. I just feel bad that I did that to my dad's teeth. I'll be more careful from now on.

Chewy Chinese Peanut Sesame Candy Version 2

  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1 cup light brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons light corn syrup
  • 1/6 cup white vinegar
  • 1/6 cup water
  • 1/2 cup toasted sesame seeds, divided
  • 1 pound roasted and unsalted peanuts (out of the shell)
Prepare a 9x13 inch pan by lining it with parchment paper or nonstick aluminum foil. For good measure, go ahead and spray the parchment with non stick cooking spray. sprinkle half of the sesame seeds evenly over the bottom of the pan, and then carefully spread peanuts over the sesame seeds in an even layer. Place this pan with the peanuts on a cooling rack and set aside while you prepare the sugar.
In a heavy medium sized saucepan over slightly higher than medium heat, mix the sugars, corn syrup, vinegar, and water, taking care to not splash sugar crystals up on the sides. Just to make sure you have no lingering crystals, take a pastry brush and dip it in water and wash down the sides by brushing all around about 1-2 inches above the sugar mixture.
After the ingredients are mixed and the sides are clean, let the mixture come to a boil. Clip a candy thermometer on the side with the tip in the boiling sugar. Boil, without stirring, until mixture reaches 240 degrees Fahrenheit. Immediately remove from heat and remove the thermometer and set it aside carefully. Immediately pour the molten sugar in a thin, steady stream evenly all over the peanuts, making sure to get every nook and cranny. Immediately sprinkle with the remaining quarter cup of sesame seeds.
Allow to cool completely. Then remove from the pan by using the parchment/foil. Place on a cutting board and cut into pieces with a very sharp knife that's been coated with non stick cooking spray or a little canola oil.
Separate pieces and store in an airtight container, placing wax paper between layers.
Makes about 4 dozen pieces

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